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A WorkRoster workforce contains the list of employees and the roster for your company or organisation.

To gain access to the online roster on WorkRoster employees will need to be invited by a manager to join the workforce.

Multiple rosters can be configured within a single workforce

Multiple Workforces

It's possible for workforce owners to create multiple workforces but it's important to remember that all workforces on WorkRoster are completely independent and separate from each other.

Each workforce has it's own unique
  • employees
  • managers
  • rosters
  • holidays
  • agreements
  • client records
  • resource records
  • memos
and none of this information is accessible by any other workforce on the system.

Each individual WorkRoster user can be invited to join with multiple workforces. Sometimes it's appropriate for senior managers, payroll staff, or roster managers to have access to multiple workforces.

ProTip: When to create multiple workforces

Because each workforce is completely independent and separate from every other workforce on WorkRoster workforce owners need to think carefully before creating multiple workforces.

Each workforce should contain it's own unique pool of employees.  If you have a shared pool of employees across work sites or teams then you should instead create multiple rosters within a single WorkRoster workforce

Within the same company ( and perhaps even at the same work location ), if you have entirely separate teams that don't need access to each other's rosters and each team with their own unique pool of employees, then you could create multiple workforces, one for each team.