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Employee Roster Usage

Employee Signup

All Employees (and Managers) on WorkRoster need their own  User Account so that they can log in at   to check their roster and login using the WorkRoster Mobile Apps.
 You may have received an email from your shift manager with a request to join your workforce and it's rosters on WorkRoster.
Employee Email Invitation
WorkRoster Employee Invitation

Follow the instructions in the email and signup to create your WorkRoster user account.

After creating your account, you'll be emailed a link to activate your account. Please click on this Activation Link to activate your account. 

If you're not already automatically connected to your workforce, or if you already have a WorkRoster account, then use the Job Invite Code from the invitation email in the add new job form.


Please check your email, including your Spam/Junk folders, for any emails from WorkRoster and please mark them as NOT Spam. If you're not receiving emails from WorkRoster then please try adding to your email system address-book/contact-list to help with email delivery.

Review the Roster

Exactly how much information you, as an employee, get to see on the roster view depends on the Workforce Settings that have been set by the roster managers or Workforce Owner.

Your Availability as shown on the Website
Example employee view of the roster.
A typical roster view might look something like the annotated screenshot above.

You'll see both confirmed shifts (to which the manager probably won't be making any more changes to) and shifts with a draft status which are still being planned.

Update your Availability

Your Availabily button for daily availability
Set your availability on the roster web view
If your workforce is using the WorkRoster Availability feature then you can update your availability on the web roster view or from the WorkRoster Mobile App.

You can register your availability in advance. Using the controls on the roster, you can indicate yourself as available(green/free to work) or unavailable(red/busy).
Your Availability as shown on mobile
Set your availability on mobile


Employees should discuss their general availability with the roster managers and also about how they would like them to use the WorkRoster Availability feature.

Updating your availability on WorkRoster provides helpful information to your roster managers when they are planning and allocating shifts.

Update your Shift Interest

If your workforce uses the Shift Interest feature, you might be able to indicate your specific interest for shifts you are not yet assigned to.

You can set your Shift Interest for an upcoming shift by clicking the Willing button in the shift details box.

Depending on the Workforce Settings your managers choose, you can also set your Shift Interest to Reluctant.
Shift Interest in the Shift Details Box
Shift Interest Buttons on Mobile
Shift Interest buttons on mobile

Update your Shift Agreements

If your Workforce uses the WorkRoster Shift Agreement feature, then you can respond to your assigned shifts.

You can indicate your Shift Agreement for an upcoming shift by clicking the accept button in the shift details box.

Many roster managers like to see your Shift Agreement set to Accept as an acknowledgement that you've seen the roster and are aware of the upcoming shift.

The Shift Agreement Button in the Shift Details Box
Shift Agreement button
The Shift Agreement Button on Mobile
Shift Agreement button on mobile
Depending on the Workforce Settings set by your roster managers, you might also be able to set decline on an assigned shift. Please Note: Even if you've declined a shift, you are still required to work it - unless a roster manager removes you from the shift. 
Agreement Buttons on the User Home page
Set your Shift Agreement from the Home page
Your assigned shifts will appear on your WorkRoster Home page. In the Upcoming Shifts section, you can also click here to update your Shift Agreements.