Flexible Shift Planning

WorkRoster makes it easy to setup and configure work shifts on a roster. Shifts can be scheduled at any time of day and can be of any length of time.

Shift on Work Rota
A simple shift on the WorkRoster Roster

Additional information can be associated with any shift, including

  • Shift Name/Title
  • Shift Description
  • Employee Shift Break Length
  • Assigned Resources
  • Assigned Clients

Employee Shift Assignment Menu
The Employee Shift Assignment Menu

Rapid Shift Cloning

Repeating shifts daily or weekly is easy using drag-n-drop shift cloning. Shifts can be cloned with (or without) existing employee assignments.

Clone Rota Shifts
Cloning Roster Shifts

A full month or year of shifts can be planned quickly and easily. The deliberate cloning of shifts forces the roster-manager to pay particular attention to special times of the year such as Holidays, Christmas, Easter, and New Year.

Protection against Double Assignment and Scheduling Conflicts

Employees who are already assigned elsewhere in the roster are shown crossed out in the assignment menu and on the roster. This makes it harder to accidentally double-assign an employee to two shifts at once.

Scheduling Conflict on Assignment Menu
Scheduling Conflict on Assignment Menu

WorkRoster makes it easy for roster managers to create and manage their roster.