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WorkRoster is Next Generation Employee Scheduling Software for managing your Staff Roster. Using the latest technologies, WorkRoster goes above and beyond existing Employee Scheduling Software systems.

Other roster solutions typically use a grid of confusing fields and cells that are often impossible to understand and cross-reference.

In a clear and simple way, the WorkRoster Roster Web UI and PDF Printouts use a normal calendar view to show when shifts and employees are scheduled.

Using the interactive Roster Web UI, a busy roster manager can quickly plan whole weeks of shifts and staff assignments with just a few mouse clicks or keystrokes.

The Mobile Site allows employees and managers to remotely access the Roster from their iPhone, Andriod, or Windows Mobile device.

The iPhone App for iPhone, iPod and iPad is available from the App Store. And the Android App is available from Google Play.

WorkRoster is developed and based in Australia. Our staff and customers can be found worldwide.

Our Family

WorkRoster is part of larger network of roster apps.

  • ShiftApp is an Employee Scheduling App for the US, Canada, and American region.
  • Rotaville is an Work Rota App for the UK, Europe, and EMEA regions.

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