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Introducing WorkRoster's New Feature: Shift Interest

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We're excited to announce the launch of a new feature for WorkRoster: Shift Interest. With Shift Interest, employees can indicate their willingness or reluctance for unassigned shifts.

To use Shift Interest, ensure that the Workforce Settings allow employees to view all shifts. This feature only applies before employees are assigned to shifts, and the old pre-accept and pre-decline functionality has been removed.

Once an employee is assigned to a shift, they can confirm their Shift Agreement ( Accept or Decline ) as before.

We've also made performance improvements, resolved minor bugs, and updated the design of various screens and pages.

To make the most of Shift Interest, download the updated version v62.0.0 of the WorkRoster App on Android and iOS.

We've also added informative Short Video lessons on Shift Interest for managers and employees:

For managers:

Assigning Employees: WorkRoster Help Center - Assigning Employees

Advanced Workforce Settings: WorkRoster Help Center - Advanced Workforce Settings

For employees:

Employee Introduction: WorkRoster Help Center - Employee Introduction

Employee Shift Interest: WorkRoster Help Center - Employee Shift Interest

We hope Shift Interest proves to be a valuable addition. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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