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A guide for employees to updating their Availability on WorkRoster.

Video Transcript

WorkRoster allows employees to register their general availability, which can then be used as a guide by roster managers when making shift assignments.

On the weekly roster view, whole days can be marked as "Available" (that is, "Free" to work) by clicking the green button.

The availability row, with your name, updates its colour to reflect your availability.

Alternatively, you can set your availability to "Unavailable" (or "Busy") by clicking the red button.

If you have Mixed availability throughout the day, then individual hours can be set by clicking the "Mixed" availability button.

From the "Month" view of the roster, whole weeks can be marked as Available or Unavailable.

The WorkRoster mobile apps and the mobile site also allow you to update your registered availability.

Your managers might have changed the WorkRoster Workforce Settings so that you can see the availability of all employees.

Or maybe, your managers have changed the WorkRoster Workforce Settings so that you can see ONLY your own availability.

Please note: Availability can be changed at any time, and it’s not a way that employees can refuse shifts - its only purpose is to help managers when they are making assignments. Some managers and workforces don’t use or rely upon this availability feature, so employees should speak to their roster manager about what is expected of them.

Thank You.

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