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Calendar Navigation and Controls


WorkRoster makes it easy to navigate and view the roster throughout time. The roster can be viewed up to 12 months and advance and up to 12 months in the past.

Click the Week or Month menu buttons to change between the weekly and monthly view of the roster.
week/month menu buttons
Week / Month menu buttons
Click the Previous Week / Next Week  or Previous Month / Next Month navigation buttons at the top of the roster to quickly jump between time periods.

Click the dropdown arrow beside the Previous/Next buttons to quickly jump to a different time period.

the jump-to-date menu
Jump-to Date menu tab
Click the the Today or This Month buttons to quickly jump-to the listed period.
The Today button
The Today button
Each weekly movement jumps to the First Day of the Week as set in the Workforce Settings.
At the bottom of the roster view, use the Show More Calendar button to add more calendar rows to the existing view.
The Show More Clandar button
The Show More Clandar button

Display Mode

Display Mode changes the screen display so that the page header and footer areas are hidden. This is useful for when displaying WorkRoster live in an office on a large screen or projection. Click the Display button to activate Display Mode. Click the Display button again to de-activate Display Mode
Display Mode button
Display Mode button

Coverage counts

Sometimes it useful to see a count of the all the employees assigned to a roster for at a given time. Click the Coverage button to turn on a display of the employee assignment counts for the beginning of each our. Click the Coverage button again to turn off these counts. 
coverage button in the View Options menu
coverage button in the View Options menu
Coverage counts displayed on rota
Coverage counts displayed on roster

Compact Display

Shifts with a Title and Info normally have this information displayed on separate lines below the shift header.
A Shift Title and Shift Info displayed in the Shift Header
A Shift Title and Shift Info displayed in the Shift Header
On a busy roster, the display of Title and Info can take up a lot of visual space. Click the Compact button to display the roster with these details compacted on the shift header line.
The Compact option in the View Options menu
The Compact option in the View Options menu
Compact display of shift title and info
Compact display of Shift Title and Info