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Frequently Asked Questions:

Software Feature Requests

WorkRoster is under constant development, and if you have a particular need for a new software feature to be added to the system, please get in touch.

Please email us with specific details of what you'd like to see on WorkRoster and why your business needs this additional feature.

WorkRoster is very flexible and there might already be a way to do what you need with the existing system.

As it happens, we already have a large backlog of many other improvements and maintenance tasks in our development pipeline, so any new feature requests will need to prioritised against existing plans and also consideration given to the usefulness and complexity of your idea.

We do offer priority custom development of features to customers. This service is charged at industry standard rates (i.e. minimum £$€500, often £$€1000+ depending on the size of development ). This development cost could be greater than your normal monthly or yearly cost of WorkRoster. Paying for custom features could be worth it in terms of overall value to your business needs. Let us know if this is of interest to you.