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Assigning Employees to Shifts

Assigning employees to a shift is really easy.

Assign employee to shift
Click "Assign" to open assignment menu
When you hover the mouse pointer over a shift, the Shift Details box appears and in that box is the Assign link. Click the Assign link to open the pop-up list of employees in the Assignment Menu.
select employees to assign to shift

Click the on any employee's name to assign them to work that shift. Repeat this process to assign as many employees as you need.

employees on shift
Two employees assigned to this shift.


Click the Assign link again to quickly hide the Assignment Menu.

Employee weekly hours display on Assignment Menu

The Assignment Menu includes a running total of the hours each employee has already been assigned to in the current week. 

The current week is measured from the weekday listed as First Day of the Week in the Workforce Settings.

The hourly total is a decimal representation, so 32.5 hours on the menu is a total of 32 hours and 30 minutes already assigned that week.
hours assigned to each employee for the week
If an employee already has 10 hours assigned this week and now you're assigning them to a 6-hour shift then their new weekly total will be 16 hours. 

Assignment Menu Employee Search

A large workforce might have dozens or hundreds of active employees.

Use the mouse scroll wheel (or equivalent gesture) to scroll the list of employees shown on the Assignment Menu.

Use the Employee Search field to quickly find employee names. Type any part of the employee name and it will be matched in the search results. 
searching employees

Assignment Menu Sorting

The order by which the employees are displayed in the Assignment Menu can be changed by clicking the Sort button.

The sort criteria are ordered from left to right. The leftmost criterion is used for the first sort. When two employees are equally sorted, then subsequent sort criteria are used for further sorting. Click on a criterion label to move it to the first position.

Click the up/down arrow next each criterion to change the direction of sort ordering for that particular criterion.

Click the Sort button again to hide the sort order controls.

sorting the employee assignment menu
Assignment Menu sort order


Change the Sort order to make assigning employees quicker and easier. Depending on your business requirements, you might like to list first
  • available employees
  • employees with the least hours
  • employees who have pre-accepted shifts