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Employee Notes

A guide for Roster Managers about Employee Notes.

Video Transcript

WorkRoster has an Employee Notes feature for use by managers.

Please note that Employee Notes are only visible to managers.

When viewing an employee record,

You can click the "View Notes" button to view the employee Notes.

The Notes are displayed.

You can view the "Current Notes". Or any "Archived Notes".

Click "Add New Note" button to open the Add Note form.

Click "Create Note" to create the note.

Any manager can edit any note by first hovering their mouse over the note and then clicking the "Pencil" icon to edit the note.

Or you can delete a note from the Edit form.

You can also Add Notes to Resource and Client records.

Resource and client notes, like employee notes, are only visible to managers. If you have information that should be visible to regular employees then please add this to the Description field on the Resource or Client record, so that employees can see it.

When Printing the Employee Record you can choose to include the Current and Archived Notes.

The Employee Notes are included on the PDF.

Thank You.

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