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Mobile Apps - Manager Usage

Mobile Apps Usage for Mangers.

Video Transcript

WorkRoster can be accessed from your mobile phone.

We have apps available for iPhone and Android.

Our apps are available in the AppStore. Search for "WorkRoster", or follow the links in the WorkRoster page footer.

The WorkRoster Mobile App, and mobile site, are very useful for employees. Managers can use the app to make quick changes, additions, and deletions, to the workforce and rosters.

I'll quickly show you some management functions now.

Tap your Business Name to view rosters and other workforce information.

From the "All Rosters" view, or a roster view, shifts can be added

Tap the Add Shift Button.

Choose the date.

Choose the start and end times, using the arrows or sliders.

Include some break time, if you use this feature.

Enter an optional "Title" and "Info".

And click "Create Shift" to add the shift to the roster.

The New Shift has been added.

The grey band in the background is an indication of shift start and end times.

The number on the badge is the number of employees currently assigned.

Tap the shift to view the shift details.

Tap the "Employee" link to bring up the Shift Assignment Screen.

Tap an employee's name to assign them to the shift.

Tap the "Employee" link again to assign another employee.

And again.

To remove an employee, tap the "Employee" link again.

And scroll down to the "Assigned Already" list.

Tap the employee's name to remove them.

Tap the "Confirm" button to confirm the shift.

Tap the "Back" button to return to the roster screen.

The assigned employee names are now listed on the shift.

Assigning and Removing clients and resources works in a similar way to assigning employees.

Adding Holidays and Sick Leave works in a similar way to adding Shifts.

You can quickly add shifts to a particular day by tapping the plus sign button next to the date heading.

Adjust the times in the "Quick New Shift" dialog,

and click "Create Shift".

A whole day's worth of shifts can be cloned by first tapping the clone buttons.

A whole day's worth of shifts can be confirmed by tapping the confirm button next to the date heading.

From the Workforce screen, use the "Employees", "Clients", and "Resources" links to manage these records.

You can very easily add new employees, invite them, and take their employee photo with your mobile phone.

From the "Manager Actions" dialog, you can -

Edit the Workforce Settings.

Add a Workforce Logo.

And, Add a new Roster.

From the Menu dialog panel, you can create a new workforce.

Both the WorkRoster desktop website interface, and the WorkRoster Mobile App, provide the functions that most managers will use for day-to-day tasks. The Mobile App is especially useful for making quick changes while you're out and about or on the go.

Thank You.

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