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Resources and Clients

A guide for roster managers, showing how to use Resource and Client records.

Video Transcript

In Addition to assigning Employees to Shifts, it’s also possible to assign one or more Clients and Resources to a shift.

Client and Resource records are managed in much the same way as Employee records.

You can click ‘Add New Resource’ or ‘Add New Client’ to add a new record.

A First and Last name is required.

The remaining fields are optional.

Click ‘Create’ to create the Client record.

A photo can be uploaded for the Client record.

Or use the WorkRoster Mobile App to take a photo.

When your Workforce has client or resource records, then each shift will have links in the pop-up details box to assign Clients or Resources to the shift.

As with Employees, the roster view can be filtered by Client or Resource. You can click the filter button on the Client or Resource Record, or use the funnel/filter icon next to each Client or Resource name.

Many businesses don't need to use the Clients or Resources feature on WorkRoster, because they don't have clients or resources. Other businesses do use these features for their own particular needs. How managers choose to use these features is up to them.

Thank You.

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