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Adding Employees

A guide for roster managers, showing them how to add employees to a Workforce.

Video Transcript

Any WorkRoster manager in your workforce can create, edit and delete Employee Records. It's easy.

Click the Employees menu tab to show your list of staff.

Click an employees name to view their Employee Record.

Managers can see all the details in the Employee Record.

Use the "Next" and "Previous" buttons to rapidly navigate between employees.

To create a new Employee Record, click the "Employees" menu tab,

and then click "Add New Employee".

Each new employee record must have a first and last name.

The Employee can have a description,

email and telephone number.

Entering email and telephone details will allow you to use WorkRoster for communicating directly with them.

If your organisation has unique IDs for each employee, then it can be recorded in the Employee Record. Adding the Employee ID can help match up reports and exports when they are used for payroll or other similar purposes.

If the employee has a holiday allowance different from your workforce default, then you can enter the custom allowance value.

Suppose the employee has been granted access with their own connected user account. In that case, the "Use User Profile Data" setting determines which source of data (such as Name and Photo) is preferred.

Choose either the information here in the Employee Record.

or the information found in the User's Profile.

The color associated with the Employee can be manually selected, or left to be set Automatically.

Manually Setting different colors can be used as a quick way to identify different roles or skills of your employees. For example, you could represent, doctors, nurses, cleaners and cooks, all by a different color.

If you want the Connected User of this Employee Record to be able to make changes to the Workforce and Roster, then they can be made a WorkRoster Manager.

Finally click "Create Employe Record" and the new employee record and details are added to the system.

The Employee Record is displayed.

And The new Employee can now be found in the Employees list,

and in the Shift Assignment menus.

Employee records can be edited by first viewing the record and then clicking on "Edit Employee Record".

All of the various details can be changed, including the Manager setting.

Click "Update Employee Record" to save the updated information.

You can customise the default picture assigned to the Employee by clicking "Edit Employee Record",

and then "Edit Photo",

and then upload a photo of their face.

If you need to create many Employee Records at once, please contact WorkRoster Support for details about uploading a CSV file.

Thank You.

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